London Roofing Specialists Ltd recommends you have your guttering checked twice a year. We offer replacement guttering and downpipe as if they are shallow or blocked this can cause major damp and water damage in your home. The guttering around your home plays a major part in keeping our property protected from water damage.

Your roof gutter helps to reduce erosion, prevents leaks, and protects painted or stained surfaces by reducing exposure to water.

Leaking gutters can cause expensive repair bills. It is easy to put off cleaning, replacing, or repairing our guttering. Clearing out your guttering 1-2 times a year will reduce and even stop the damage caused by rain water and will also save you money on costly repairs due to blocked, leaking or damaged guttering.

Repairing guttering is not always the best solution, in some instances we recommend installation of hard wearing uPVC guttering with a 10 year “no rot” guarantee.

We can repair, replace and clean all types of guttering.

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Your roof Fascia is the long, straight boards that run along the lower edge of the roof. The roof fascia is used to support the bottom row of roof tiles and carry the guttering.

London Roofing Specialists Ltd can supply and install a high quality range of PVCu fascias and bargeboards, enabling you to:

  • use colour to co-ordinate with windows and door systems
  • create individual and traditional roof styles
  • replace degraded timber fascias
  • over-cap existing sound fascias

Coloured fascias have the same low maintenance properties as their white counterparts, requiring the occasional wipe with a damp, soft cloth and mild detergent. We can provide PVC fascias and matching bargeboards in a range of depths and edge designs to suit most homes.

As an additional option we can supply and fit a range of vents and ventilators are available to help protect the eaves and roof.


Soffits support fascias and provide ventilation to the roofs of centrally heated homes. Without this ventilation condensation can form and increase the risk of timber decay. London Roofing Specialists Ltd supply and install flat and fluted uPVC soffits, along with cladding in a range of colours and various venting systems.

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